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Casio AZ-1


THIS item will not work correctly when you get it, it is a project
See pics for overall good condition
The knobs, wheels, lights, display all work ok
Dirt between keys, schmutz all over, scuffs, scratches, etc PICS
The MIDI port is intermittent, and does not send info. If it's wiggled to one side it works, but let go, and it does not.....obviously it needs to be taken apart and repaired.
When it works, the keys all register, and pressure works also. This was checked with an analyzer, and with a module.
Works on batteries included, or AC adapter
GET A MANUAL online, as this needs to be initialized, and the batteries are for programs
No cracked plastic, no missing screws, no broken keys
Been in the closet for at least 20 yrs here" eBay Link

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