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Giana 64

"Up for auction is a unique electronic musical instrument, The Giana 64. Giana is a custom MidiBox SID v2 built into a keytar form-factor using an original Commodore 64 case for the body. The build includes several unique additions to the standard Midibox SID, including an assignable ribbon controller, expression pedal input, CV inputs, and of course the integrated keybed. A full MidiBox SID control surface is integrated into the neck.

I built Giana in the winter of 2010. It was a true labor of love, being one of the first large-scale electronics projects I ever worked on. The first video I posted of Giana went quasi-viral (by 2010 standards) and was covered by numerous synth blogs including Synthtopia; as far as I know it remains the only MIDIbox SID ever built into a keytar form-factor.
I tried to design it to look a little like a ghostbusters proton pack—some of the “retrofited” elements, like the rainbow ribbon cable running across the exterior, are not actually functional, but were fit for a hax00ry, cyberpunk vibe.

The instrument can be used flat on a table, or worn upright using the built-in strap buttons. The entire system is mounted onto a single piece of solid wood, and the plastic components are attatched with metal hardware, making it quite sturdy / gig-able.

Please note that for aesthetic purposes, the majority of the controls have been left unlabeled. The neck layouts are uniquely spaced, so that with a little practice all the major functions can be easily memorized. A PDF will also be provided labeling each function, to be used in combination with the official Midibox SID user manual.


MIDI Box SID V2 including standard MIDI I/O

Full control surface including mod matrix

Dual 6581 SIDs in stereo configuration, hand matched for similar filter characteristics

Integrated keyboard

Assignable ribbon controller (range-centered for use with pitch bend)

3 assignable CV inputs, 0-5V range, diode protected (plug and play with Euro modular)

Assignable expression pedal input

Custom power supply (not a recycled c64 PSU) provides robust power

Ships in custom case with custom foam inserts (see pictures—adapted from a rifle case)

Included Items:

Giana 64 Keytar

Custom PSU

Custom Carrying case

Moog EP-2 expression pedal

Rainbow guitar strap

Interface guide PDF

The instrument is in excellent condition, having been privately owned for 7 years, with about 3 of those years spent in storage. In preparation for the auction I tested every function and all systems are nominal. Since this is a DIY project however, the instrument is being sold as-is. Potential buyers should understand the responsibility that comes with owning a DIY instrument.

The pictures were taken a few days ago and reflect the present condition of the instrument. The linked youtube videos were recorded back when the instrument was first built. Not much has changed since then except for a few minor chips in the paint." eBay Link

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Circuit Bent Yamaha SHS-10


These machines on their own are amazing workhorses that sound amazing....

Circuit Bent they are INCREDIBLE!!!

These are bent ala' Rheed Ghazala style with a GetLoFi -style LTC1799 precision oscillator for pitch.

The bends are:

- 8 on/off switches that tap the ROM chip and create viking-style Beserker glitches and synth noise....drones/noise/experimental *BLISS*
- 1 Pot/knob that allows the mixing of the sonics

- 3 Glitch fit on/off switches that send the keytar into harsh sonic excitement

- 1 on/off switch for VIBRATO
- 1 on/off switch for PORTAMENTO
- 1 on/off switch for SUSTAIN

- 6 on/off switches that allow the flow or disruption of data to the FM SYNTH chip allowing for some HEAVILY MUTATED alien world synth sounds.

- 1 on/off switch to the LTC1799 precision oscillator to allow the unit to be 'normally' pitch or turned on to go high or low pitched realms....

- 1 knob for pitch control

- 1 Bright Blue LED for oscillator "ON" notification" eBay Link

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Justin Yurkanin – Crazy Train on his homemade keytar

Walter Yurkanin on YouTube

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Lady Gaga Performs Applause On Fuzzy Keytar In Japan

mipuri on YouTube


Custom Keytar

"NO RESERVE - Custom wooden Keytar modeled after a Korg RK-100 with the pitch ribbon off a Roland AX-7

Love the look of the Korg RK-100 but wish it had the features of a Roland AX-7? Then this is the keytar for you!" eBay Link

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Custom LSDJ Keytar

"I've built numerous custom game boys, circuit bent keyboards, drum machines, etc. so I make quality modifications. The combo for sale here is one of my favorite! Very one-of-a-kind, great for performance. I only performed with it a few times live, it was super fun! Other than that, it just sat in storage while I track in LSDJ on other gameboys. Here's what you need to know, although all this stuff is pretty self-explanatory from the pictures:" eBay Link

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Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygene 5 concert version on keytar

Kamil P. on YouTube

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X1L3 – circuit bent – synth mod – Yamaha SH-10 keytar

manufacturedZ3R0 on YouTube

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Circuit Bent Sound Guitar Keytar by freeform delusion

freeformdelusion on YouTube

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Customize the Lucina Roland in 80’s style with pink EL wire

laurasaggers on YouTube

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Commodore 64 Keytar

"In this auction we have one of the most tricked out, one-of-a-kind, nothing else like it Commodore 64 computers in existence! I hand built this fully functional mod over the course of 5 months +/- years in stress. So much research, development, time, design and money went into this project and I can honestly say I am super proud of what I built. I am currently in a bit of a bind and my priorities are completely shifted. In short, I am selling off the majority of my studio to be with my son.

Here is a list of all the mods, hacks and work I put into this thing. Please read all of this to understand exactly what it is that I am selling. There are links for you to further research and see more pictures of this build in the text below.

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C64 Bass Guitar – Cool to be Square Wave?

jeriellsworth on YouTube

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Super Bass Double Keytar Performance Demo

SeamlessR on YouTube

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crudface on YouTube

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Circuit Bent Yamaha SHS-10

"You are bidding on a Yamaha SHS-10 keytar circuit bent and in complete working order, original and bent. The stock keyboard functions include: Midi out, about thirty preset rhythms and tones, has multiple midi channel outputs, pitch, tuning, basically all the basics of Yamaha's eighties FM keyboards. Circuit bends include: 24 point patch bay (I use bolts because they are really cheap and really durable), 5 glitch push buttons, and 6 data-line cut switches.

MIDI!!! The patch bay affects the midi and will send circuit bent midi data!! Circuit bend your favorite synth! I have used it with the following instruments with amazing results: Blofeld synth module, tr 505 drum machine, Electribe er-1, Alesis Hr-16 drum machine, Yamaha PSS-480, Casiotone MT 240, Akai ax-60 (analog synth), MPC-500, and a DX-7. The SHS-10 will make other instruments produce impossible glitch patterns, drones, and self generating rhythms.

Some things to take note of: This keyboard is really glitch heavy, many combinations of things will make it crash or freeze. This is normal, it is very durable (As far as circuit bending goes) and will last a long time. Note every combination on the patch bay will produce a result, but it is important to have all the options available. This keyboard is not suited for reproduction of sounds, the only thing you can be sure of is that it will be random, for experimenters only. Keyboard functions 100% normal and has a few minor wear and tear scratches but is in overall good cosmetic shape. " eBay Link

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Tron Keytar (DIY EL-Wire Project)

sinewavealex on YouTube

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Keytar! Self made

TheLennonLad on YouTube

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Fuzzy Blippy Keytar

telekinetica on YouTube

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Mystery Keytar Man

telekinetica on YouTube

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Jack D’Johns

dencor00 on YouTube

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