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You either love them or hate them -- there is no middle ground. Everyone has an opinion on them.

The term keytar was created by combining the words "keyboard" and "guitar." However, a keytar is really just a keybord that is worn like a guitar.

So, yeah, they're a little strange looking.

But when watching a musician use one on stage, the concept of the keytar starts to make sense. The keytar turns the musician back into a performer -- instead of
hiding behind a rack of keyboards, the musician now has the freedom to move around stage and contribute to the music.

There are two varities of keytars, one with an internal sound generator, and one that is a MIDI controller used to control external sound modules.

For those in the market for a keytar, don't expect it to make noise right out the box unless you get one with a internal sound generator.

Keytars with internal sound:

Moog Liberation
PMS Syntar
Roland AX-Synth
Roland SH-101
Yamaha SHS-10
Yamaha SHS-200

Keytars as MIDI Controllers:

Casio AZ-1
Korg RK-100
Lync Ln-4
Roland AX-1
Roland AX-7
Roland AXIS
Yamaha KX-1
Yamaha KX-5

I've been privately obssessed with keytars for several years and this blog is aimed to collect and archive everything keytar related online.

If you are a musician that uses a keytar, send me links to your music and videos.

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