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Keytar Bear Sightings, Park Street, 8 19 17

Chad Parenteau on YouTube


Keytar Lessons #3: Chord Inversions

22400345 940375010 on YouTube

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Yamaha SHS-10

"Has signs of use as in scuffs here and there and dust/grime in tight areas that i could not reach, I will leave the detail cleaning to the new owner, as you might have a specific way you clean. See pictures for grime/junk under the keys, looks like dried up soda or something." eBay Link

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Playing Keytar – Veerle

Kaleka Keys on YouTube


Keytar Solo

Luca Veronese on YouTube

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Casio AZ-1

"This item lot is USED, as-is, as shown in the pics ....needs attention PROJECT
You set the accordingly. Whatever this item needs to work to your satisfaction, or meet your get to do. If it cannot.....or .....If you dislike any, or all of still own it, and may do what you want with it...decor, donate, refurb, restore, re sell, repurpose, bedazzle, smash, part out, actually use...the possibilities are endless...totally up to you..........please bid accordingly.
All measurements are APPROXIMATE"

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toaster tub on YouTube

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This is Me (I am a Velociraptor) featuring the Alesis Vortex Wireless Keytar!

emikomusic on YouTube

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Roland AX-1

"You are looking at a Roland AX-1 Keytar in excellent condition. Included is the original Roland strap, extremely long red midi cable, AC Adapter, and a Roland AX-Synth carrying bag. The D key above middle C has a tiny surface scratch at the bottom of the key that is hardly noticeable and does not affect the rigidity of the key. I will include a brand new replacement D key if the new owner chooses to change it out. Battery Compartment is clean and has the battery holder which accepts 6 AA batteries (batteries not included). Will not be accepting returns. Thanks." e eBay Link

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Giana 64

"Up for auction is a unique electronic musical instrument, The Giana 64. Giana is a custom MidiBox SID v2 built into a keytar form-factor using an original Commodore 64 case for the body. The build includes several unique additions to the standard Midibox SID, including an assignable ribbon controller, expression pedal input, CV inputs, and of course the integrated keybed. A full MidiBox SID control surface is integrated into the neck.

I built Giana in the winter of 2010. It was a true labor of love, being one of the first large-scale electronics projects I ever worked on. The first video I posted of Giana went quasi-viral (by 2010 standards) and was covered by numerous synth blogs including Synthtopia; as far as I know it remains the only MIDIbox SID ever built into a keytar form-factor.
I tried to design it to look a little like a ghostbusters proton pack—some of the “retrofited” elements, like the rainbow ribbon cable running across the exterior, are not actually functional, but were fit for a hax00ry, cyberpunk vibe.

The instrument can be used flat on a table, or worn upright using the built-in strap buttons. The entire system is mounted onto a single piece of solid wood, and the plastic components are attatched with metal hardware, making it quite sturdy / gig-able.

Please note that for aesthetic purposes, the majority of the controls have been left unlabeled. The neck layouts are uniquely spaced, so that with a little practice all the major functions can be easily memorized. A PDF will also be provided labeling each function, to be used in combination with the official Midibox SID user manual.


MIDI Box SID V2 including standard MIDI I/O

Full control surface including mod matrix

Dual 6581 SIDs in stereo configuration, hand matched for similar filter characteristics

Integrated keyboard

Assignable ribbon controller (range-centered for use with pitch bend)

3 assignable CV inputs, 0-5V range, diode protected (plug and play with Euro modular)

Assignable expression pedal input

Custom power supply (not a recycled c64 PSU) provides robust power

Ships in custom case with custom foam inserts (see pictures—adapted from a rifle case)

Included Items:

Giana 64 Keytar

Custom PSU

Custom Carrying case

Moog EP-2 expression pedal

Rainbow guitar strap

Interface guide PDF

The instrument is in excellent condition, having been privately owned for 7 years, with about 3 of those years spent in storage. In preparation for the auction I tested every function and all systems are nominal. Since this is a DIY project however, the instrument is being sold as-is. Potential buyers should understand the responsibility that comes with owning a DIY instrument.

The pictures were taken a few days ago and reflect the present condition of the instrument. The linked youtube videos were recorded back when the instrument was first built. Not much has changed since then except for a few minor chips in the paint." eBay Link

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Casio AZ-1


THIS item will not work correctly when you get it, it is a project
See pics for overall good condition
The knobs, wheels, lights, display all work ok
Dirt between keys, schmutz all over, scuffs, scratches, etc PICS
The MIDI port is intermittent, and does not send info. If it's wiggled to one side it works, but let go, and it does not.....obviously it needs to be taken apart and repaired.
When it works, the keys all register, and pressure works also. This was checked with an analyzer, and with a module.
Works on batteries included, or AC adapter
GET A MANUAL online, as this needs to be initialized, and the batteries are for programs
No cracked plastic, no missing screws, no broken keys
Been in the closet for at least 20 yrs here" eBay Link

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Will Roc Maggot Brain Keytar Solo

Will Roc Project on YouTube

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For The Love of God Steve Vai Covers Keytar IMPRO

ANDRES on YouTube

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Children of Bodom Children of Bodom Keytar Cover

COBFreek on YouTube

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Shot Through The Heart ‘Separate Ways’ 28.7.17 cover

punkrocksal on YouTube


Osaka Rising Keytar Solo

Osaka Rising on YouTube

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sweet child of mine KEYTAR alesis vortex

ANDRES on YouTube

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Alan Steward – Everything (Official Music Video)

Alan Steward on YouTube

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Keytar Lesosn 2.5: What is MIDI? And some more time waste

22400345 940375010 on YouTube


Six – All That Remains keytar cover

Kyle Hahn on YouTube