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Roland SH-101

"Up for sale is this used Roland SH-101 Analog Monophonic Synthesizer w/ ModGRIP

The synth is in very good condition & works great!

Operates on 6-C batteries (INCLUDED) or externat power adapter (NOT INCLUDED)." eBay Link

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Roland SH-101

"Up for sale is excellent condition ROLAND SH-101 monophonic analog synthesizer with modulation grip.

The color is in gray, and this was Roland's one of the biggest hit synthesizers when it first appeared in 1983. Sounds great and so easy to play.

Keys, knobs, buttons, everything working fine and fully functional. Battery compartment is clean as shown, but I have never used this with batteries. I believe they work but is not tested.

Cosmetically there are some blemishes and surface marks, but overall in great shape.

Comes with Modulation Grip, AC adapter, owner's manual in Japanese, and a cable." eBay Link

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Roland SH-101


+Boss PSU original
+Original Manual (good condition)
+Mod Grip (No screws or strap/no R/H strap grip - see description)
+Original Box (Decent Condition)

100% working - great condition - no damage internally or externally - slight colour fading of casing after 20 years as expected on plastic.

I Currently have 2 of these little mono bass wonders and need to let one go so am selling the better condition one.
True analog (VCO) and lots of great features on such a compact synth.
Full sized keys.
The Synth itself is fully functioning, all sliders, switches, pots have been used/checked and work as intended.
Battery compartment is as clean as a whistle.
Inside is clean, no broken posts or missing screws
No crackles from any pots or sliders
Ins/outs working
note this synth never came with MIDI but you can use it via a CV/MIDI box to control it from sequencers etc

Comes with:

original and correct BOSS power supply/mains adapter (can also run off 6 batteries for portable magic)
original manual and some printed patch sheets (see pics) good condition
original packaging including inner polystyrene ends
MOD GRIP!!! Fully working - will need to supply 2 of your own screws to attach it and the other end of synth strap grip is NOT supplied so you'll need to source one or fabricate one from a generic guitar strap part)

Please make sure you are aware there is no 2nd side strap point provided in this sale - have seen them on ebay occasionally or can be fabricated fairly cheaply - the mod grip itself contains the L/H side strap pin so that side is fine.

Original box is in decent condition but obviously has some wear marks over the years. Manual is clean and no rips etc. Any questions please feel free to ask.

The synth will be bubble wrapped and packed in original packing end supports (see pics) and sealed in box without harming the cardboard (for those who like to keep the outer box clean and in good condition). This box will then be futher wrapped in large bubble wrap and placed in an slightly larger protective box / heavy duty cardboard so will be very well packed and all original contents and packaging will be protected from damage" eBay Link

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Roland SH-101

"The Synth will be packed very carefully. An AC adapter is included, 12VDC 500ma. It's not original, but it works nicely. This synth does come with the hand grip." eBay Link

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Custom Chrome Roland SH-101

"If this unique synth doesn't sell in this listing I'm going to realise how much I love it and keep it so this is your last chance!

I don't want to sell this but was offered an even more fascinating synth and now need to pay for it so I've decided to part with my Custom Designed Roland SH-101 Dance and Acid/Electro/Experimental Synthesiser. It comes with the Mod Grip and Custom Fitted Flight Case and a virtually new power supply.

You probably know what an SH-101 is so I won't say much. It has its own built in little sequencer and arpeggiator, sounds divine and has C/V and Gate inputs and outputs. But......

..... this one is CHROME in colour. It's the only one ever made by Jeff at and there was a lot of interest when he was selling it but I managed to get it!

It is fully serviced and works perfectly.

This one was customised by Jeff Toman at CustomSynth in Devon just a few months ago and I persuaded him to sell it to me, despite offers of well over £1K.

I know Jeff which helped clinch the deal. Anyway now I'm selling it as I've now obtained another synth that I couldn't refuse and will, to be honest, probably use more!

You can look Jeff up on

He's been customising synths for years including a full White Roland Rig for Peanuts from the Kaiser Chiefs and many other 'names'. (OK Chemical Brothers, Carl Cox, Howard Jones, Edtors, Johnny Marr, Fixers, and Pete Tong to mention a few!) The last one of his that was sold by me went to Phil Oakey from the Human League and it was collected from Hove as his manager lives here! This also is for collection only unless the buyer wants to take all risk for any courier but do you really want me to post something as rare as this??

This SH-101 one is CHROME and is the ONLY CHROME SH-101 IN THE WORLD. It is Chrome paint, not chromed metal as if it were real chrome it would be live and not good for you - or it! It comes with its modulation grip attached and in great condition tolex covered wooden, fitted foam lined flight case. It comes with a power supply and, of course, works perfectly." eBay Link

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Roland SH-101 with Nova Mod


In this auction I include the SH-101 in the pictures an Original Roland PS-120 Power Supply not pictured because I forgot to take a picture of it and a copy of the manual for the Nova Mods either Printed or in PDF format as you wish...

This unit is working 100% as a stock Roland SH-101 will since the mods DO NOT alter the it's performance when the mods are not in use and there are endless possibilities of new sounds that can be done with all the mods and add ons." eBay Link

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Roland SH-101

" This synth comes with the hand modulation grip, original roland "guitar" strap, a power adapter, an electronic version of the manual on a CDR disc (PDF), and 3 leads to connect this synth by CV/gate, as pictured" eBay Link

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roland sh101 advertisement

mrgone101 on YouTube

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Roland SH-101

"Roland sh101, an iconic synthesizer and is still used throughout the music industry. great condition and been recently repaired and is in excellent working condition. comes with mod grip and power supply and headphone adapter. i have the box for the synthesizer" eBay Link

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Roland SH-101

"This Roland SH-101 and MGS-1 modulation grip set (including original leather shoulder strap) comes in near perfect condition as it has been seldom used despite being nearly 30 years old. It comes complete with the original Boss PSA-240 power supply, original owner's manual, original box for the MGS-01, and a case for the SH101. If I were you, I’d buy a new power supply as this one has a 2 pin plug that has to be attached to an adaptor (also included) which is a little loose. No batteries are included in the SH101 – sorry" eBay Link

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Roland SH-101

"I'm selling the SH-101 with the original Roland MGS-1 modulation grip (inc original box), original Roland leather shoulder strap, an audio lead, user manual and power supply unit." eBay Link

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Roland SH-101

"Roland SH-101 in excellent condition with modulation grip.

Works and sounds fantastic.

As far as I know there are two white SH-101s like this one in existence and Peanut from The Kaiser Chiefs owns the other one.

Please note: Power Supply and screws to attach the modulation grip are not included in this auction." eBay Link

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Roland SH-101

"Up for sale is a Roland SH-101 complete with the optional hand grip/modulation attachment. This is a really fun analog synth capable of some fantastic bass lines as well as great lead sounds. The filter on this thing is awesome. This particular instrument is the gray version and all the features work as they should. There is a scratch just above the keyboard as shown in the picture but everything else is cosmetically in great condition. The power adapter is included but the SH-101 can also run from batteries if desired. Also included is a very nice road case. Don’t miss this one." eBay Link

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Roland SH-101

"Rolland SH-101 synthesizer (Excellent)

Blue in color with MOD Grip. It comes with an adapter, too.

This machine is in very good condition★

Condition: Used (Excellent*)
Good working condition.
The operation operates as it should and looks good, too." Link

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Roland SH-101

"Fantastic Roland SH101 with mod grip, manual, spare battery cover & 1 spare slider potentiometer (just in case). This synth is almost like new. I am a professional electronics engineer, vintage synth enthusiast and designer and have tuned and calibrated this instrument to factory perfection. You should be able to see from the photos how looked after this synth has been. There are no missing or broken slider caps or switch caps, no crackly sliders. The instrument is in perfect working order. " eBay Link

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Roland SH-101

"Vintage Analog RED Roland SH-101 "keytar" synthesizer

- Keyboard
- Hand grip
- Power supply (not original)

Here's your chance to get a great vintage synth for a good price!

I have owned this SH101 for about 10 years and have exclusively used it in the studio, it has never been roughed up by the road. I have babied this instrument, so any wear and tear was there when I purchased it.

Please read carefully about the condition…

I am NOT a vintage synth expert so I will describe the condition of the keyboard the best I can. In general it is in very good shape. It has a few minor scratches that are appropriate for its age, but no cracks. It plays very well but since I have not used it in 3 or 4 years, it needs some cleaning. Some of the sliders are a bit noisy but they get better with use (and cleaning). I do not make any claims that this keyboard is in "perfect" condition and do not guarantee that it can be restored to perfect condition. However, I don't see any reason why it could not be easily restored, I'm just saying that because I am not an expert I can't guarantee anything.

Known issues…

- The high C key sticks when pressed.
- The "Transpose" button is missing.
- The "LFO Mod" slider is missing.

Those are the only issues I am aware of, there may be other issues I do not know about, but I have never come across anything.

Having said all that, I can also say that I have used this synthesizer many times in the studio and really love the results." eBay Link

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Roland SH-101

"Ich biete hier einen Synthesizer der Marke ROLAND an.

Genaue Bezeichnung: ROLAND SH-101

Die Legende der Synthesizer.

Kenner wissen Bescheid was man alles mit dieser Legende anstellen kann.

Der Synthesizer ist in einem guten Zustand für sein Alter und noch Vollfunktionsfähig" eBay Link

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Roland SH-101

"Hi there This is Roland/ USED SH-101 synthesizer Excellent /sh101

YOu can get the grip and shoulder strap.

YOu need the adapter.

This is typical roland adapter

ACA120V for USA

ACA230 FOR EU and other230v region

You can also use BOSS PSA adapter

But it is not best adapter and you might get some noise

The adapter spec is Center Minus 9V 500m adapter

It is boss typical adapter and many people have them

The function works perfectly," eBay Link

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Roland SH-101

eBay Link

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Red Roland SH-101

"I am the origanol owner. It is a rare red vintage keytar with the hand grip. Works great, sounds great. " eBay Link

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